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I’ve just completed my first school year as a supply teacher and oh my goodness it’s been a journey! I have learnt so much about what it is to be thrown into the deep end of a classroom full of kids you’ve never met, teaching a subject you don’t specialise in at a school you’ve never been to!

This being said, I enjoyed every moment of it and consider myself very lucky to gain as much experience in the classroom I can whilst I complete my teacher training. I know a few friends who will be starting supply teaching come…

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Music made me who I am today. It gave me an identify, something to focus on, something to work for. It literally transformed my entire being.

When I first started school, and as I progressed onto each key stage, there were a few people, both friends of my parents, and teachers who would subtly hint to my parents that maybe I wasn’t going to amount to much, then one day, at the tiny age of four, I discovered this miraculous thing called music and as time went by, those around me discovered that I was actually rather good at it.

To my absolute horror, I discovered that the Government proposed yet more cuts to Music Education, this time targeting Higher Education. The Musicians Union have dubbed these proposed cuts as “catastrophic” and I am inclined to agree.

Music is not a subject considered one of “strategic priority” by the government. What a strange phrase to use! That being said, it could be argued that educators of the arts and the government are at war!

To me it really feels like the government are doing everything in their power to remove all opportunity for musical discovery and enjoyment at all levels…

TikTok (formally known as was established in 2016 and took over the number one spot in short form video after Vine shut down in early 2017. …

Well there we go, another Valentine’s Day draws to a close. Cards, flowers, chocolates and various assortments of gifts have been exchanged between loving couples all day long. Rest assured to those singletons out there, you can come out of hiding, It’s all over for another year and normal service has now resumed. With love being so high on the agenda yesterday, it got me thinking about love songs. I must admit I am a sucker for the occasional heart-wrenching ballad. With that in mind, I’ve decided to compose my own list of my top five soppy love numbers. …

COVID-19 has taken the whole world by storm with the majority of countries around the world in national lockdown to prevent the spread of the disease. With this being the case, one of the things most parents of musical children are struggling with is finding engaging ways to continue their child’s musical learning despite most not being musically inclined or a trained teacher. To that end, here are some ways in which you as a parent can help to ensure that your child progresses musically despite a lack of knowledge and musical training.

1. YouTube and BandLab

There are so many brilliant (and FREE)…

There have been various studies over the years to showcase the benefits of learning a musical instrument. These benefits include improve co-ordination, improved cognitive ability, development of interpersonal skills and so on, the benefit that most articles don’t talk about is how it can aid a learner in their school based learning, this is what I’d like to explore today, starting with National Policy for Music Education within the United Kingdom.

National Policy

The first point of focus must be on the U.K national policy for Music Education. There are many documents pertaining to this, the first one is from the Incorporated…

Since September of 2020 I have been fortunate to take on my first peripatetic Piano teaching post since graduating from university. Now I’ve been in the post for a little while I figured it right to share some take-away’s that I have learnt during my first full term.

Make the lesson count!

In my time as a private piano tutor going into people’s homes I have always taught hour long lessons, this is not possible to do when working as a peri in a school environment due to the fact that your pupils have other core lessons in classrooms throughout the day. My peri…

“It’s not what you know, its who you know.” A fairly common phrase that couldn’t be truer when it comes to the Music industry. The way I get most of my sessions, wedding performances and teaching clients is through recommendations from previous clients and colleagues.

Of course, I have built up a reputation as a session musician and music educator over time through performing and networking both on social media and at events such as open mics and jam nights. …

The CD or Compact disc has been the most popular form of audio consumption for years, decades even. Everyone remembers their first CD, mine was Mcfly’s “Room On The Third Floor” — A great record that I still own. As time has gone on and generations have succeeded mine, I have started to notice a decline in the purchasing of CD’s, in 2019 people much prefer to stream their music instead of having a physical disc copy.

Gary Cunningham BA(Hons), DipLCM(TD)

Musician | Composer | Music Blogger | Music Educator | Brand Founder

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