How Parents Can Continue Their Child’s Musical Education In Lockdown

1. YouTube and BandLab

There are so many brilliant (and FREE) online resources for anybody to access these days. It can be something as simple as some Youtube tutorials geared towards your child’s particular instrument or musical interest such as DJing, there’s something for everybody.

2. Virtual choirs/bands/orchestras

A lot of the previously in person ensembles are organising virtual rehearsals and performances whilst their members can’t get together in person, find out if your son or daughter’s ensemble are holding virtual sessions over Zoom or Skype. If your child’s ensemble isn’t going down the virtual route, there are plenty of ones that are and if you look online, you’ll find something!

3. Music With Henry

This is geared towards babies and toddlers and is “centered around the joy of connection between adult and child”. It is run by brilliant Stave House founder Ruth Travers and would be the perfect virtual option for you and your child to continue or even start your musical journey together. This is suitable for ages 0–3 and can be accessed entirely online via zoom for a small fee during these current times.

4. Stave House

If you have a child who is slightly too old for Music With Henry, you can look at Stave House instead! This is an early childhood music teaching method focused on teaching your child music and music theory through songs, tactile materials and games. I’m fortunate enough to be a licensed Stave House Practitioner so have seen first-hand the great things this method can achieve!

5. Classical 100

Classical 100 is a free resource created by Classic FM featuring a collection of 100 classical songs coupled with learning activities and information on each piece of music in the collection. You can rest easy knowing that this program of music and learning has been curated and vetted by experienced music teachers to ensure maximum learning and musical progress for your child.



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Gary Cunningham

Gary Cunningham


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